Linejunk started in 2013 and has grown in all aspects making it the premiere website for the Line Industry Trade. It started out with a few Lineman and Linewife tshirts and grew to offer many products including yetis, signs, hitches, wallets, clocks, think it, we make it happen. As time went on we outgrew our old website and had to build another more robust site. "Hi" you are on it.


In 2014 we evolved and came up with the Phrase “We are not just a store anymore”. We decided to start offering valuable information to those in the trade and those looking to get into the trade.  We have been here to help many get into the Union,  give direction, answer questions and Fundraise. We are proud members of the NSUJL continue in efforts to support them.  For more information on NSUJL please visit


Also in 2014 we made another page that concerns safety and reports accidents. There are 3 JL's and I that run that page Lineman Take A Stand For Safety.


On our site you will find information on Union Halls, Why To Go Union, Becoming Union which offers some tips to prepare, the apprenticeships as well as our shirt program. We also have a map where you can check out outages in each state as storms come rolling in. 


We have a following over 207,000 strong on facebook and over 50,000 on instagram. Between the 3 pages we are the most followed and talked about in the industry. We have had as high as 25 million people hit our facebook page in just one week. They have been using the pages as teaching tools as well as a way to keep everyone involved. We try and share information and pictures as often as we can and we are known for how awesome the pictures are. We strive to bring you the best quality products and information to keep you informed. We are #1 in the industry in integrity and passion for putting everything out there. We keep it all clean and real always.


Printing is now done in house. The basic tshirt is still on an American Made shirt and the actual printer that makes it is also American Made and uses in Made in USA. Since Day one we offered American Made thshirts, we did not make a switch halfway into running the business. That was important to me.  Since there are so many options on the shirts (long sleeve, short sleeve, pocketed, hoodie etc) they are not stocked in house. They are print to order. There is now an option for express but the turnaround time on normal order will be cut down tremendously (shooting for a week and a half depending on what is ordered and size of order). Some of you have seen shirts show up within 3 days depending on the design. We offer customization options like no other apparel company in the industry. You can choose style of shirts, tall sizes, colors, customize art,  get a pocket, get long sleeves, get a hoody, get phone cases, signs, posters of any of our designs. Our jewelry is made one by one custom. We do not keep stock of items and cross our fingers that the items sell.Our vinyl is also done in house as of 7/2015. This is not about money and buying quantity, it is about bringing awesome items to you. With that being said most tshirt orders are taking about 2 weeks. We ship Priority USPS. More information can be found here


We DO ship internationally and do so often. All items are taking to post office and customs forms are filled out. We do this at least twice a week. We are not responsible for extra VAT charges your country may charge because they do not make that clear on our end before shipping.


We try our best to keep items Made In USA. All of our men's shirts are Made In USA by Bayside unless they are out of stock or you have a special order for a V-Neck or something particular you are looking for. Some items we carry are not made in the USA. If you have any questions please contact us. No question goes unanswered and always get back to you promptly.


Questions/Comments? Email Us at

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